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Lunch Time Supervisor Needed

St. Mary of the Angels is currently looking for a full time lunchtime supervisor. This is a paid position that entails supervising students over the lunch period. The first portion of the duty is indoor while the students have their lunch followed by outdoor supervisor. If you are interested or require further information please stop by or call the school for more information. ... Continue reading "Lunch Time Supervisor Needed"

Our 2017-2018 Catholic School Council

St. Mary of the Angels is proud and thankful for our 2017-2018 Catholic School Council. This year our council is a perfect combination of returning faces as well as new parents. Last night was the first official council meeting with our new executive team. Ideas and initiatives have already begun to roll out. A big thank you to all the efforts and time this group ... Continue reading "Our 2017-2018 Catholic School Council"

Sara Westbrook Presentation: Resilience , Confidence and Mental Well Being!

A reminder to all parents and guardians that there is a special presentation by Sara Westbrook at St. Mary of the Angels on the night of Wednesday October 18th starting at 7pm. The presentation is entitled, 3 Habits of Resilient Families. Sara Westbook is a well known motivational speaker and will be emphasizing ... Continue reading "Sara Westbrook Presentation: Resilience , Confidence and Mental Well Being!"

Thanksgiving Food Drive

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, our school and community is reminded of those in need. This year’s food drive was a huge success. Ten barrels of non-perishable food items are literally overflowing. In full Catholic spirit, the food drive is a perfect example of how we as a community come together to help others in need. Today the Vaughan Food Bank collected our donations and will ... Continue reading "Thanksgiving Food Drive"